Why should a buyer get a home inspection?

Why should a buyer get a home inspection?

My professional opinion is that most buyers and some sellers should look into obtaining a professional home inspection. On the Buyer’s side it’s simple, most of us don’t know the homes or the conditions of the property or the significant systems within them. Buyers’ getting a quality home inspector is a no brainer. On the seller’s side why should you? Well, if you live near the beach, you could be surprised especially if you are an out of area owner who uses the home just like a second home or a Vacation rental. On the Central Coast of California we have lovely weather and with that wonderful weather comes a few factors that can be very hard on a home. The sun beating down on the roof jacks and they need to be sealed, the moist air can cause rust out chimney tops, and of we get both types of termites. I know the list can contain dry rot, earth to wood contact, etc. Most home inspectors don’t due termite reports and should recommend a termite company. I have personally seen some very interesting things found and amazing, some of the things home inspectors have caught are on new construction even! I was the buyer’s agent for a couple making a change from the East Coast to the West Coast. This couple was very surprised I had recommended a home inspection because it was a new home, however, I stated I had seen things missed in the past even in a new home, in a new development. My Buyers took the advice, boy were they happy they did. The home was in Atascadero was on Carmel Road and was just completed when we had a local North County home inspector named Keith with Professional Home Inspection go out. He found that they had used rusted breakers in the electrical panel and upon further inspection found the roof not to be installed correctly. Think about the buyer’s shock to get a report that the new home had the roof installed incorrectly, but that’s just what happened. Whoever installed the roof didn’t use the correct or install the correct underlayment and we had an issue with the ridge cap was installed incorrectly. We contacted the listing agent who also was related to the builder and they rejected our request for repairs for the roof. We used the documentation for the home inspector and gave it to the roofing manufacturer and they came out to verify that it was in fact not installed correctly. The builder had to remove the roof and reinstall it correctly! The breakers were fixed as that was a health and safety issue. I wish that was the only large issue found however I have more home inspector stories, 15 years’ worth. One of the other issues was another newly constructed home in Arroyo Grande California, and that home inspector found that high amounts of moisture were already found under the home and the cause was the stucco company had covered over all the vents. Cost to cure at that time about $3,700. The issue was simple no ventilation in the crawl space. I’m sure the builder was venting to the stucco company about the ventilation. This is when and where a professional home inspector is worth the $400.00 or more prices. In Pismo Beach in another newly constructed home with wonderful Pacific Ocean views. I was just getting the last few items completed for the home to close, however, the buyer’s inspection with a home inspector caught two things in the attic. The heater ducting was not hooked up correctly and someone forgot to order insulation. It was a clear case of stuffing one more job in before the close of escrow. If you’re a first-time buyer or even a season home buyer stick with the professional home inspectors check out your new home. I wish it was less often but they can catch some very expensive issues. If you’re not in my service area and you are reading this the other benefit is we can bring up any health and safety items to the seller. This helps us to represent you with a request for repairs. The professional home inspectors report can be handed to the Seller along with the request for repairs, and many inspectors now include photos in their reports, so they can inspect for themselves and decided if they want to make any corrections. No matter if you are a seller looking to be proactive orBuyerr doing your due diligence during your inspection, I always recommend you obtain a good home inspection

When Looking for a local Home inspection try to find on that is CREIA (California Real Estate Inspection Association) certified.

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