Save the Oceano Dunes

Friends of the Oceano Dunes

American Sand Association ( ASA )

Why do I want to save the Dunes? To put it simply Community and Family. The Oceano State Park also known as the Pismo Dunes is not a typical community you might think of. The traditional idea of a community is cities, developments, but those that enjoy the off-road community and the Dunes are in fact a community.

My participation in this community started when I could drive, helping individuals modify vehicles for the enjoyment of our local State Park, and beyond to destination locations of Coos Bay Oregon, and the Imperial sand dunes of Glamis.

Today I still enjoy the Dunes beyond just 4×4 wheeling and want to fight to keep the dream alive for future generations.

Image Source: Protecting The Economy Beach Access Recreation Opportunities Jordan Cunningham Assemblyman 35th District Mailer.

James Outland Jr.

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