San Luis Obispo County Real Estate – Happy and Fun Place to Live

San Luis Obispo County Real Estate – Happy and Fun Place to Live

San Luis Obispo County Real Estate in California wasn’t that prominent on the map when it comes to the luxury real estate market. The cities near are Pismo Beach, Arroyo Grande, Los Osos and Atascadero. The median household income here is great as compared to the national average, making this an ideal location to set up your roots.

Real estate scenario

San Luis Obispo real estate is booming now with cozy, beautiful homes for sale – there is something for everyone and all requirements will be catered to. For instance, if you want a vineyard estate to start your own winery, there are plenty of them scattered throughout the county. Even ranches are available in abundance, so all you got to do is just state your preference and it will be fulfilled soon. Most homes here are investments, not to mention the neighborhoods are friendly with extremely hospitable residents. The real estate market has gone through some bad times though, and it took a while before the economy was back on its feet. Homebuyers and sellers have ventured into the housing market yet again to buy a quality home for themselves or get a brand new one by selling their old house. The properties are selling like hot cakes but finding an available investment of your choice could be tough as there is limited supply, which is why you should hurry up and lock down one you like.

Current real estate figures

The overall median price went up to $454,500 in January 2015 from $400,000 for the same month in 2014, which is 13.6 % increase, as per the data provided from DataQuick, which keeps tabs on the local real estate market. The statewide price has experienced a surge of 6.5 % to $376,000. However, the prices differ on the area in the state. If you are a first timer, it could be a tad difficult to feel your way around the luxury real estate market here, because residents are often buying homes for their children, thereby narrowing options considerably. But the local housing market is showing improvement due to the rapidly evolving economy.

Fantastic place to stay

San Luis Obispo has made its way to quite a few lists of “Best Places to Live”. The weather is mild with the sun shining brightly throughout the year. You get to pursue a lot of outdoor activities such as rock climbing, bouldering, mountain climbing, mountain biking, biking, archery, golfing, skating, running, walking, and so on. The beach is conveniently located a short distance away so there are a plethora of opportunities to be explored there as well. The first Friday of each month is an art lover’s paradise with galleries and shops opening doors to display different types of art.

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