Here is why you shouldn’t wait to get an NHD Report!

Here’s why you shouldn’t wait to get the NHD report!   One of the easiest things you can do to help your business is to make sure you have ordered the NHD report as soon as you take a listing. Here’s why:   •   A buyer can use the NHD report as an excuse to get out of the transaction because of the 3-day right of rescission. Deliver the report early, even before an offer is made, and there is one less reason for a buyer to back out.   •   The report may include notification of taxes attached to the property that may require further approval for a buyer to qualify for a loan   •   Speaking of taxes, if there is a PACE lien on the property, it may need to be paid off before closing of escrow if the buyer is getting a loan.   •   Not disclosing the possibility of necessary flood insurance up-front could mean a buyer won’t be able to close if they’re unable to afford flood insurance in cases where the lender requires it.   Don’t wait! Order now by simply replying to this email with your listing information.

Melody Maddox
Area Manager

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