Eviction Moratorium Guide

Eviction Moratorium Local/State/Federal April 13, 2020

The following information was taken from sources available between April 6 and April 12, 2020. Its purpose is to provide an overview of the most relevant sources impacting the legal right of a landlord to evict a tenant and a tenant’s right to remain in a property during the states of emergency declared as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic affecting California.

• In all county or city laws reported, a tenant’s obligation to pay rent is deferred but not forgiven and must be paid back within the time specified in the applicable law, or if not specified, then within the time specified in another law applicable to the property.
• Many, but not all, local laws require some sort of evidence of financial or impact due to the COVID-19 situation. Specifics vary.
• Many jurisdictions also include a specific notice or other requirements and all such requirements are not listed in the chart below.
• Readers of this spreadsheet are advised to consult with a qualified California real estate attorney familiar with the law of the jurisdiction where the property is located in order to fully assess their legal rights, obligations, and remedies.

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